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About Us

We are a different company. We encourage entrepreneurial instincts and provide an environment which encourages risk-taking and trying out new things. Being in a growing category and a nascent one at that, our colleagues and leaders must possess the enviable will to think, act and be agile always. Our structures are flat with reporting being straight forward. Accountability and the freedom to fail go hand in hand.

Life at Sresta

The young men and women of Sresta immediately imbibe the passion of creating a better world on becoming a part of our workforce. We expect our employees to be proactive and diligent in the face of every challenge, to further Sresta’s motive of spreading the joy of organic living in every part of the country.

We believe in the sheer power of determination and teamwork rather than any strict hierarchy. Hence the process of reporting in this organization is pretty straightforward. We encourage our employees by giving them the freedom to fail and rise with a valuable lesson for both themselves and the company. We empower them by providing exciting opportunities to prove their caliber.

What we Offer

Our employees are our most valuable assets. We celebrate together and keep our employees motivated by rewarding.

Industry Exposure

Sresta strives to create a healthy, happy and memorable workspace that boosts employee productivity. Working at Sresta will help you develop the essential qualities of leadership, organization and role management, apart from wide exposure to the market.

Equality for all

Sresta is a firm believer in creating equal opportunities for both genders. Hence, we offer flexible working hours for homemakers and new mothers, so that they do not undergo the dilemma of choosing between their personal and professional life.

A Caring community

We have policies in place that encourage women to give their best at work. We offer flexible work hours for our female workforce and maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment at the workplace.

Opportunities at Sresta


Food Processing & Operations

Farm Procurement

Quality Assurance


Supply Logistics

Retail Management

Finance & Accounting

Human Resources


Sales & Marketing

It's your chance to start a change

We have been certified by various internationally accredited certification bodies such as Control Union, Onecert, IMO, Indocert, etc. Our products undergo a series of quality checks and steps of verification, as a result of which we have been certified by USDA Organic, NPOP, and European organic certification body.

Join our Journey

If you’re someone with brilliant ideas, love for organic and a passion for sustainable living, we’re more than happy to welcome you on board. We promise invaluable experience and great work opportunities that minute you walk in the door.
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