Sresta has an asset-light business model of conducting its processing operations which has attributed to its growth. One which ensures alignment with our production processes and allows for round the year supervision. The farming is currently organised into 84 Farm Clusters Each cluster is spread around in 20-30 kms & covering few 100 to few 1000 acres. Our field associates are based at the Farm Cluster site and train the farmers, assist in the documentation process and provide technical support to the farmers and procure the material after certificationProcurement is done in the Procurement center at the cluster site itself and farmers are contacted directly without any middlemen.

We follow a detailed procedure and all our methods and products come with a five-level guarantee:

Level 1: Social Control – Farmers are bonded into small organic groups. These small groups with a combination of self-adherence, social control and supervision ensure that the conversion of farmer into an organic farmer is complete. Takes on average 3 years to realize this commitment.

Level 2: Regular Field visits – Our Field Officers visit generally twice a month. They check adherence, provide timely solutions that facilitate the farming methods, train the famers and sustain the organic integrity of the crop.

Level 3: Internal Inspections – Randomly selected teams conduct a detailed inspection process which in turn ensures objectivity. Contamination from other fields, adherence to processes and the larger picture of maintaining organic integrity are evaluated. We check twice a year. Over 70,000 internal cross inspections in a year.

Level 4: Certification Agencies inspect the farm once a year. They check everything – farmer, soil, water and the produce sample.

Level 5: During harvesting season before the crop is procured, pesticide residue check is done to ensure the products are pure and have no pesticides. In order to do this random samples are taken from the farmers’ produce and tested on field with need-based lab checks. After a final check they are labelled as 24 Mantra Organic.

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