Sresta has invested considerably in product development capabilities. As a result new products are launched frequently with focus on health, nutrition and great taste.

We have a strong R&D team focused on developing new products, processes and methods.. Over the years of our operations we have been successful in launching over 137 products (as of September 2021) ranging from different flours, to differently milled rice, processed products like Chutneys, Ready to Eat (RTE) & Ready to Cook (RTC) products, Condiments (Jams, Pickles, Masalas), Nutrition Bars, Ayurvedic Cookies, health drinks, etc.

Sresta is working with more following Farm to fork Approach to maintain the Organic Integrity of the products.

Having relations with retailers in India and abroad ensures that we get constant feedback on products, new ideas and recipes enabling us to respond quickly based on consumer feedback.

Our product development efforts start with a concept and a search for the recipes. This often takes us to the homes of families who have perfected the art of fine cooking over many generations. Then our culinary experts in our trial kitchen experiment and fine tune the recipe. We strictly adhere to the Organic protocol. Sresta provides ‘centre-of-plate’ products (i.e. products having usage spread across different occasions in a day) for a huge range of exemplary organic Indian food products.

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