About Sresta

In the backdrop of excessive and harmful usage of pesticides began the story of Sresta. In 1992, when our founder, Raj Seelam was working in an agricultural products company he observed the alarming use and spread of chemical usage on farms…

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Sresta has invested considerably in product development capabilities. As a result new products are launched almost every quarterfrequently with focus on health, nutrition and great taste.


We add value to the organic raw materials that we secure from growers. We convert these high-quality inputs into a variety of food ingredients for food manufacturers, allowing us to supply the natural and organic food industry with superior premium ingredients.

24 Mantra

Sresta offers over 200 137 products under the 24 Mantra Organic brand. The products are sold currently in USA, GCC Region, Europe, Asia-Pacific among others. Export enquiries are welcome for other regions. Our secondary processing units in Hyderabad have been issued the Food Safety Systems Certifications 22000

Private Label

Our Domestic Retail operations give us the customer insights to develop products and retail concepts. We present you a wide range of products from our portfolio.

Our Farming

Currently we have over [194,627] acres across the country under various stages of Organic production. We choose crops which are native to that particular place and also take into consideration the climatic conditions and soil. All of which translates into quality produce.


A unique farming model

Sresta has a unique farming approach. One which ensures alignment with processes and allows for round the year supervision. The farming is currently organised into 40 or so projects. Spread in a radius of 15- 20 kms and covering few 100 to few 1000 acres.


Owned, outsourced and certified facilities

Sresta’s strong domestic marketing presence along with a wide range of products translates into many benefits: Processing infrastructure both owned, outsourced across India, nearer to production centers.


45,000 farmers on
2,25,000 acres

Sresta’s farming is currently organised into more than 40 projects. And it is working with more than 45,000 farmers on 2,25,000 acres of land following Farm to fork Approach to maintain the Organic Integrity.


Our secondary processing units in Hyderabad have been issued the Food Safety Systems Certifications 22000 (“FSSC 22000”) by Intertek India Private Limited on behalf of
the United Kingdom Accreditation Services and are registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (“USFDA”).

USDA Organic

India Organic Standards

EU Agriculture


ISO 22000


Sresta is one of the pioneers in the organic foods category in India. It is determined to offer a better choice to India and Indians, working against all odds, today we stand as one of the largest brands
in the packaged organic food segment (excluding organic packaged food market beverage and packaged tea and coffee) by revenue in Fiscal 2020.



Domestic Indian Retail Market


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