Our Team

We are 500 strong with an array of skill sets.

To describe this in detail let us begin with the land and the farmer. Experienced Agriculture and Farming graduates ensure there is a detailed study of the environment and the crop patterns. They come with knowledge and the ability to indigenously correlate them with historical experiences and understanding of the traditions. These Agricultural Graduates are further supported on the field with trained Agronomists, Entomologists and Plant Physiologists. Their role being to, to improve soil fertility, increase the yield and minimise costs by marrying traditional knowdege with earth friendly science.This they do by constant interaction and blending modern farming trends. On field training, workshops and proactive farm and field-testing are part of the teams’ strengths.

At the processing plants we have teams composed of Food Engineer, Quality Control Executives and the Floor Supervisors who combine experience with educational qualifications in food processing, Quality Assurance and Plant Management. As a routine we have a team of qualified Nutritionists who are constantly experimenting with new products and trying to understand the drivers that help recreate or revive ancient varieties and articulate their contemporary relevance. Packing and handling done, the outreach team have qualified specialists drawn from the niche areas of agriculture marketing and brand management.

Together the team at Sresta is an eclectic mix of all things that are best to organic. Competence with commitment and a passion for organic.

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